Eyes, do reveal a lot about the person. Which makes the saying “Eyes are the mirror of oneself” (I screwed up the line, don’t mind). Again I would remind the deductions also vary according to the environment, so don’t jump onto conclusions too quickly. So, lets dive into eyes pool (totally intentional pun 😉 ).

Love is in the air

The dilation of pupils is caused by lack of light. As a natural mechanism the pupils dilate to cope up with light and provide enough vision to see in dark. Also there is an unnatural mechanism (believed by the Great Detective ever) which dilates the pupils, that is when a person is in love, joy, is happy, feeling gay (gay according to a 10 year old, somewhat meaning happy), out with friends, enjoying a party and many more smile-full events.

Pupils almost covering the entire area of the eye.


  1. Your boyfriend’s pupils dilates when he is with you (the relationship is going good).
  2. If the pupils aren’t dilated then either its a sunny day or the room is filled with bright lights. Or probably its the time to check him mobile (Good luck with that).
  3. The pupils dilation is not only restricted to boy/girl-friends, but is also observed in – proud dad, mom holding the new born for the first time, coach’s eyes after winning the match and the list goes on (let me know if any incident you find out in the comment section).

‘The Angry’ eyes

Too much of light or hate, jealousy, ill-temper, petulance, anger, pain and other negative adjectives cause the contradiction of pupils.

Scenario: You participate in a competition and your opponent  greets you with best wishes but his pupils are contracted, definitely wants you to lose (I would suggests beware!).

Verification of the above scenario: Observe the following

  1. His smile may be crooked or one-side but not symmetric.
  2. Either of his eyebrows may be raised but not both.
  3. Or after greeting you his head may turn towards the ground (Sub-conscious guilt)
  4. Or a short breathe out like a snort.


The ‘you have bored me enough’ eyes

Normally a human being blinks 8 to 10 times his eyes in a minute. Which means one blink per 7 seconds on an average. A person may wear a fake smile but can’t fake his eyes (talking about emotions). First we will imagine the scenario and then deduce.

About to sleep eyes



  1. You are on a date and the person opposite to you blinks a lot (Stop talking or sing a lullaby for him).
  2. If you are a professor and more than half of the class is blinking at a higher than average speed, please you need to stop boring them.


  1. The conscious part only occupies 5% of the brain. So, if the person is blinking too much (like 20 times a minute), it is his sub-conscious and unconscious brain that wants you out of his visionary frame.
  2. In simple words, the brain doesn’t wants to see you, so forcing the eyes to blink more.
  3. He may probably hide his yawning with his hand or a cloth.
  4. He either didn’t have enough rest or you are boring him. My suggestion is, sing the lullaby for the former case or just be quite if its the later one and order a coffee 😉 .


The ‘musical or past’ eyes

  1. If the eyeballs of the person are directing towards the left hand-side or towards the ground, he is taken aback by his brain.

    Young one mesmerizing a moment
  2. According to me, the left and the downward (ground) directions represent the past of the person.
  3. Do an experiment, ask someone to recall a song, a tune, or a moment from their past, or their school life.
  4. Observe carefully their eyeballs will immediately shift towards the left and then down in a to and fro motion.
  5. If he is recalling a song or tune, he may be tapping his feet, or playing the tunes with his finger.



The ‘innovative or future’ eyes

As mentioned above the left represents the past, similarly (obviously) the right represents the future or the person is thinking about an idea. Not much to explain just one clue to deduce.

  1. If asked about a creative idea or some new innovation, his eyes would first go to right or the upward direction means he has started the thought process.
  2. If the eyes then shifts towards the left or downwards direction, he has no new ideas, but recalling the past or some trick he had heard before.
  3. And if he says its a new idea don’t believe him, he is either cheating or wants you to think he is much smarter (just confront him and ask the source of the idea).

So, that’s it for today, we see more about the eyes in the second part. Till then as fun look for the smileys on Facebook click here, or some other other messaging apps to study more about eyes and facial expressions. Also, if you haven’t read the overview click here and for Deduction of nails click here, you would be more interested in this.

See you again bye-bye, and by the way the address is “221B Baker street“.